Garlic butter or pimp my boiled vegetables

Hey everybody!

I am one of those persons who feel terribly guilty after consuming fast food.
"Noo Noo what have I done to my body again"
So this week I wanted to eat healthier,exercise more and drink more water.
In addition to this the carrots from my garden are ripe and I will be eating a lot of carrots now I guess.
Today was leftover day.My stuffed pork schnitzel was cut in slices and quickly fried in a very hot pan.
Then there were my boiled veggies....I didn't know what to do with them,because I was in a hurry.But thank god for television!A tv chef made garlic butter

You need :
1 stick of butter
3 cloves of garlic (crushed)
1 teaspoon lemon juice
salt pepper

In a mortar place the garlic,the lemon juice and the salt and start mixing and grinding it with the pestle for 2 minutes (arm work out)

Now place your stick of butter in a bowl and start mixing and softening it with a knife and a spoon.
Be careful not to soften the butter too much.
Add the content of the mortar,work it in the butter and chill it until it becomes firm again.

You can also add parsley or other herbs you like!

A teaspoon of the garlic butter turns every boring veg into something exciting and vibrant.


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