Essence Kajal Pencil review

Hi Dolls

Well I am not happy at all.In fact I am furious about this kajal pencil from essence.It has to be one of the worst eyeliner pencils that I have tried in my entire life.

Packaging: The pencil is black with silver letters and a silver cap.0.04 oz/ 1 g

What it promises : "high precision application.long-lasting" (Source: pen)
How should I start ? The application is precise and the pencil is very soft,yes of course.But the result???? Long-Lasting????
I bought the color 01 black.I applied a thin layer on both waterlines.10 minutes later I looked like I have been to the wildest raccoon party of my life.It creased,smudged and ruined my eye make up.
I have used even cheaper products and they didn't crease like that.

Everybody deserves a second chance....I tried it with my secret weapon.The Gosh Cosmetics eyeshadow base.
.......Epic failure!This time it took 30 minutes to crease.It didn't crease too much,but still it looked bad bad bad.

It is not like I have a problem with a little bit of creasing,but the kajal pencil traveled very very very far below the ends of my lower lashes.

I will not buy this again!

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  1. i know... It's terrible!! Used it once, and that was enough!

  2. Thank god,I am not the only one who doesn't like it.
    Well maybe I find a way to make it work somehow.Applying it with a brush and some black eyeshadow to set it maybe?!

    Thx for commenting <3

  3. I really like pencils.
    But I hate how they make your eyes look like a mess.0.0
    To create good kajal, I prefer to use liquid eyeliner.
    it's more strong,I can apply it in the morning and keep it all day long without looking like a panda!

  4. Well I can't use liquid eyeliner on my waterline.

    Thanks for commenting <3


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