A nail care guide for healthy growing nails

There are a lot of things you can do to care for your nails.And it won't cost a fortune.Most things can be found in your household.

1.Protect your nails : When dealing with any sort of chemical that is used around the household,wear rubber gloves.Dish washing soap,detergent,acids and all of that stuff dehydrates your nails and cuticles.

2.Nourish your nails : Nails are hungry too you know?! They need calcium,potassium,iron and Vitamin B.Those goodies can be found in : Dairy,almonds,spinach,celery root and stalk,garlic,onion,spring onion,tofu.But don't rub those on your nails....Eat them!Other parts of your body will thank you too *LOL*
Drinking water is also very important.

3.Moisturize your nails and cuticles: When you wear nail polish,apply a rich balm/olive oil/vitamin E oil/body butter to your cuticles and massage it in a bit.When you have bare nails with no polish,moisturize as much as you can.

4.Apply nail strengthener : I have to kind of nail strengtheners....One repair type that nourishes and hydrates the nail and a hardener type that makes the nail more resistant to damage.Most nail strengtheners should be used for 2-3 weeks and then do a break.This is why I use two different types.Remember to also polish the upper bare tip of the nail.

5.Hygiene: Whenever you wash your hands,use a little nail brush to clean the inside of your nail tips.Bacteria are very likely to build up under there and weaken the nail very much.After washing and brushing your nails apply a hand creme.

6.Filing :You should always file your nails and avoid cutting them with a pair of scissors.Always file in one direction and don't use a lot pressure.

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