Essence sealing top coat review

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So it was time to get a new top coat a few weeks ago,because the one I had at home was almost empty.
I also wasn't satisfied with the old one,because the shine didn't last at all.
Well of course I went to the essence cosmetics isle,because the rest of the store is mostly Dior ,YSL and all that fancy stuff.

I grabbed the "Essence nail art sealing top coat".
The packaging : It comes in a white bottle with a black cap and it has a brush.First I thought the bottle was plastic,but it was glass after all.0.34 fl.oz /10 ml

What it promises : " This ultra high shine,transparent polish ensures your nail decoration stays in place for longer and protects  the designs from damage.Intensifies the colors,fast drying"

Well......It is ultra high shine which is really cool and it also protects the designs very well.I wore the formal Polka dots nail design with this top coat and it started to chip on one finger after 4 days.And the chip was tiny and fixable.
But : I applied the top coat 1 hour after I finished the nail design and it smudged the nail design on 3 fingers.
I didn't apply any pressure and I just did one stroke on each section of the nail.
 Here is a pic of the smudge
I can't say that it intensifies the colors,but it kinda smoothens the whole design.

It really dries fast (2-3 min) and I am happy with the overall result.
The brush absorbs a little too much of the product,so you gotta wipe the brush before applying.The smell is a bit weird,even for nail polish.

Tomorrow I will post a nail design and I just finished the design and I want to apply the top coat first thing tomorrow morning and hope there will be no more smudging.Maybe I can judge the color intensification a bit better tomorrow,because the design is really bright.

To sum it up : I think I will buy this again (If there isn't any better product in the same price range of 2,85 Euro)


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