Easy Chicken Noodle Stir Fry

Hi Folks

It is so hot here! My kitchen is tiny and has no a/c.So I lived on take out the past 3 days.
But today I couldn't eat another bit of take out food.
So I decided I do a quick and healthy stir fry.I don't claim that this stir fry is authentic Asian-No No.It is an international stir fry for all noodle lovers.

You need:
2 chicken breasts (removed skin.,diced)
200 gr Noodles (rice noodles,egg noodles,any kind of noodle is good)
3 tablespoons sesame seed oil
1 red bell pepper (chopped)
1 cup green beans (canned are fine )
1-2 carrots (diced/julienne )
4 spring onions (chopped in chunks)
1/2 teaspoon grated celery root
1 tablespoon cilantro (finely chopped)
100-200 ml water
1 teaspoon Miso paste (red)
curry powder,ginger powder,soy sauce,turmeric,chilli powder,salt
honey,apple cider vinegar
(any veggie you like will be warmly welcomed in your stir fry)

Sprinkle  the powdered spices over the chicken and massage them in.Be generous
In a wok or a frying pan let the sesame seed oil get quite hot.Quickly fry the chicken dice for 1-2 min.
Now add the veggies,the apple cider vinegar and the honey.
Add 100 ml of water.

In a separate pan,prepare your noodles and boil them 1 minute,drain them and set aside.
Add soy sauce and noodles.
Add another 100 ml of water and the Miso paste.
Taste!!! And season again if needed.
Stir constantly while preparing the dish!
Let the noodles soak up with the liquid while simmering on medium heat.
Once it has a nice consistency,remove from the fire and enjoy.

You are more than welcome to use any spice/veg/meat you like with this dish.


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