Brush cleaning 101

Well Well Well I still can't believe that some people never clean their make up brushes! Jesus I mean don't they realize that they are applying bacteria to their face together with their make up???
It is so important to clean your brushes at least once a week and spot-clean them after every use.
For your homemade brush cleaner you need :
1 teaspoon baby shampoo
1/2 teaspoon dish washing soap
1 teaspoon conditioner
1 teaspoon alcohol free hand sanitizer

Mix those together and fill it in a little jar.
To clean your brushes take a little of your brush cleaner in your palm and swirl the brush in it without applying any pressure.Rinse with water and gently push out the excess water.
Drying the brushes in a proper way is the most important part.Never dry your brushes in a horizontal position,because the water will go inside the brush and make the glue ,which holds the bristles, rot.Take something that will support the back of the brushes and let them dry as shown in the picture.

To spot clean your brushes you can use water and some hand sanitizer.Dry the brush with a kitchen towel or toilet paper.

And remember!
Throw make up sponges away after every use.Or at least wash it with your brush cleaner
Don't use that little sponge that comes with your compact powder or cream foundation over and over!
Don't share make up applicators of any kind with friends!
Especially if you have acne prone skin or you tend to break out easily,KEEP YOUR MAKE UP BRUSHES CLEAN!


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