Essence eyeshadow duo review

OMG! Finally a black matte eyeshadow that is long lasting and doesn't feel dry!
Hey guys!
It was time for me to buy new black eyeshadow cuz my current one was almost empty.So I ran off to the store and I checked out the essence cosmetics isle.
They had shimmery black eyeshadow in a quad but it was too shimmery for my taste.
So I came across this little cutie.
A black and white matte eyeshadow (The color is number 12,Newcomer)
I swatched it in the shop with no base and I was amazeeeeed!
The pigmentation of the black is just sooo good.

Let's start the review,shall we?
Essence eyeshadow duo comes in a little round jar with a lid.Both colors are in the same pan.The jar contains 3.5 gr/ 0.1 oz
The eyeshadows have little round shapes imprinted (you can't see mine anymore,cuz I used the product quite a bit)
There is no scent to the eyeshadow.
You can't beat the price of this 2,99 Euros!

The black is really stunning and can even be worn without any eyeshadow base.
I am not that crazy about the white though.It kinda highlights all your flaws and it tends to go into the fine lines on the eyelid.
I tried it as a highlighter on the brow bone and it doesn't cover evenly,but when used with mixing medium ,it makes a great white eyeliner.
The shadow is really long lasting and it feels so silky and smooth when you touch it.
I always wanna stick my finger in that pan and go "awww it is sooo soft"

When you use the black with a mixing medium it turns into a wonderful eyeliner.

Pro's and con's :
Pro: Silky,smooth long lasting,no animal testing!
Con:The fact that the two colors are in the same pan,kinda makes me sad,because often the black eyeshadow mixes with the white.
The lid could open easier

I am sooo happy with the black eyeshadow!I could not ask for a better one.
And my wallet is not mad at me,cuz it is so cheap.
Essence is also available in the USA.


(I am not affiliated with essence cosmetics.This review is for entertaining and education purposes)

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