A big chinchilla collaboration

Hey guys!
As you can see I changed my Logo.
Without the support of the Lucky's Wonder of Chinchillas community,I would have not been able to make such a logo.
Thanks to :
Jacky & Odie
Nighty & Pico,Luka,Robby,Aladin
Amy & Harvey (RIP little fellow!)
Sarah & Anya,Bill,Bonnie

Also thanks to
Nassia & Enzo
Kimberly & Socrates (Aka Soc)
Maliza & Miko

Also a big thanks to Jinna from Applewood Rescue who was so kind to give me a banner of her Rescue.
And Jean from Tj's Chinchilla supplies,who also gave me a banner of a fabulous chinchilla supply shop!

The logo still needs some little fixes!


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