Gradient Fade Effect Ombre Nail Art Tutorial

Hi dolls!

In the little survey that I had done a few weeks ago a lot of you wanted to see a fade-effect,gradient,ombre (however you want to call it).
When I did the steampunk/Goth cross nail art with the 110 rhinestones,I totally forgot to take pictures of the gradient effect.*slaps herself*

Fade effect nail art is pretty easy,and it can be done with a lot of colors and nail polish types.And if you have a badly pigmented nail polish/holo top coat you can use it now.
You need:
1 background color
3 or 4 colors from the same color family
1 make up sponge
cotton swaps 
polish remover

Apply your background color and let it fully dry

You should have 3-4 colors from the same family.The polish with the worst pigmentation will be number 1

Apply a thin coat of number 1 to the edge of a make up sponge

Apply a thin coat of number 1 by lightly dabbing the sponge's edge onto your nail.The red dots show you how deep you can blend the polish.*Dry 5 min*

Now use the clean edge of the sponge and apply number 2 on your nails.You want to avoid creating harsh lines

Number 3.....

Number 4 the darkest color on the very tip,blend well.

Clean up the mess with a cotton swap and some polish remover and add 2 coats of quick dry topcoat.

Some sponges sometimes crumble and leave 1-2 spongy crumbs on your nail.Remove them with a pair of tweezers or a toothpick.



  1. Great tutorial!
    I'll definitely try this out sometime, although I'm afraid my nails are a bit too short for this :) It'll probably not look anywhere near as gorgeous as it does on your nails :D

  2. great, i usually do this with just two colors because my nails are short, but what you've done looks just great :-D

  3. Great tutorial! You make this look so easy, I'd probably screw it up! :)

  4. wow...was für "krallen". leider hatte ich immer kurze nägel, wenn sie jetzt etwas länger sind, kann ich damit keine knöpfe mehr!

  5. Thank you dolls <3 Your comments really made my day

  6. Sieht sehr geil aus!
    Meine Nägel sind zwar immer sehr kurz, aber ich werde es trotzdem ausprobieren :D Dann muss halt die Untergrundfarbe etwas weniger zu sehen sein ;)

    Liebe Grüße!


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