Brown neutral mineral eye makeup for daytime

Hi dolls

A friend send me some samples of mineral eyeshadow to test before she opens her online shop.
Most of the samples are neutral colors,but they are sooo easy to blend,which is a great feature for a mineral eyeshadow.
The look consists of 3 colors: a flesh tone for the inner corners,a brown-beige for the main lid,a dark chocolate brown for the crease and a hint of graphite for the outer V.
And I found a new way to conceal ugly blemishes *lol* : Turn the blemish into a beauty-mark with some black eyeliner.Haha,well not the conventional way to conceal a blemish,but why not??

My eyes are very red today,because I had a hell of a party yesterday with my partner and the pets.



  1. Anonymous15:15

    Very pretty. As for blemishes, making them into a beauty mark may not be "modern" traditional, but it is truly historic. Applying velvet or satin dots was extremely popular in the 18th century to cover up the blemishes from syphilis. They also used this very viscus wax foundation to perfect their face after a particularly horrible bout of smallpox, chickenpox or syphilis. Their face could literally melt if too close to the fire!

    I prefer your method. Hugs from NYC!

  2. Great neutral look! Love that you turned the blemish into a beauty mark! Very practical! Hope you guys had a great party! :)

  3. @Mary Thank you for that piece of info! That's so cool!

    @Peach thanks dear!


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