Beijing Opera inspired make up : Mao Ben

Hi dolls

Since my childhood I have been a huge fan of the Beijing Opera Masks.Each mask represents a certain type of person or characteristic.
Today's inspiration was Mao Ben's Mask Here you can see an example.

The look is just an inspirational version of the beautiful masks,because to make it authentic I should have painted my whole face.
But I believe that the opera masks in general are a great inspiration because the colors and shapes are just beyond beautiful.

Are you interested in more beijing opera mask inspired looks? Let me know in the comments.

Have a great Sunday dollies <3



  1. I love the look! I definitely want to see more!

  2. This is stunning. I'd LOVE to see more looks like this. So arty & creative.

  3. This is so beautiful! Yes, more opra mask inspired looks! Your detail and take on this is awesome!

  4. Para polu omorfo! exeis kai iperoxa matia pou to anadeiknuoun akomi perissotero! :)

  5. Yes please! Even though I don't quite have the courage to wear them myself, they make excellent inspiration! (since they're inspired by the opera, does that mean any looks inspired by your inspired looks are made from secondhand inspiration? <- one of my first thoughts)

  6. Arisa this cracked me up!

  7. this is lovely the color of your eyes is fantastic!!!!


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