Tip of the day : Highlighting for pale faces

If your complexion is very light or pale you may have noticed that a white/silver shimmering highlighter may not look as great as you would like to.Especially in photos taken with flash the white/silver shimmer may wash out the blush/contour colors quite a bit
Try to take a very pale/light gold shade with ultra fine shimmer or alternatively use a very light peach/bronze/apricot shimmering product.
Mac: MSF,Illuminating face powder (in honey)
Essence : Color & Shine Eyeshadow (trip to venus,mercurios,stage beauty) Remember it's eyeshadow so just pick a tiiiny bit up with your brush.


  1. great tips~~~~i really like your tip of the day post~~~they are short, but to the point~~~


  2. Thanks hunney ! That's so sweet


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