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Hi dolls

Yesterday my beach trip wasn't that nice! Our mind was occupied with thoughts that can ruin a day,and then on the way back our car broke down.Because Greek national roads are not safe,police came and brought a tow truck and they brought our car to the next exit.While calling the insurance for help they told us we have to wait at least for 1 1/2 hours.
Okay,not very nice,but what can you do?
So we waited in the blazing sun in the middle of nowhere.......
Suddenly we figured out the problem that our car had,but we didn't have the tools to fix it.
Luckily a man and a child walked by and asked if we need help: YeS!!!! He brought us the tool we needed and we could fix the problem quite quickly.
People don't help these days,but we were so lucky.
And to thank this guy I promised him I would put his solar energy company banner on my blog.
He saved us from waiting and he saved us from paying a load of money to the insurance company for the tow truck that would take us home.
So thank you Mr. Ilias Politopoulos! (Ηλίας Πολιτόπουλος )

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  1. I'm happy to read that everything ended up well! Huggies hun!

  2. It warms my heart to hear stories like this.


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