Tip of the day: Powerful insect repellant

It's mosquito season again and this year it's really bad.Those insect repellants in the store are way to chemical and unhealthy for my taste,especially if you have small animals living in your house.And they dry out the skin so badly.For your own insect repellant lotion follow the instructions
You need:
-Organic essential citronella oil (It HAS to be essential oil)
-any body lotion with no particularly strong scent
-measuring cup
-container to store the mosquito repellant lotion

For each 100 ml of body lotion add 6 drops of citronella oil.Mix well and store up to 4 weeks in a cool place.
I have to emphasize that it is very important that you buy essential oil,because scented oils/aroma oils are not suitable for the application on the human body.Essential oils are safe to use.
And if you have a tendency to allergies,please test a tiny amount of essential oil on your skin for 24 hours.


  1. i think i'll pass on this, since i have very allergy prone sux sooo much, i bought bug repellent from wal-mart~~~i think its good enough to last me a while since i, not very out-doresey anyway~~~


  2. Catnip oil works well too. Bit dangerous if you have a lot of cats though.

  3. I tried other bug repellent but it doesn't work. I guess those mosquito loves me:)

  4. juhu...freu, freu, freu. danke für dein päckchen...und schau mal hier ;-))


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