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Hi dolls

Wooohoo I lost 3 kilos already just by working out a lot and drinking ridiculous amounts of green tea and water.
Until today my belly wasn't complaining about no food intake at nights,but today I forgot to eat my dinner,because I was watching a stupid documentary.
Writing down the stuff I eat is really helpful.I usually eat about 600-1000 kcal a day.
Today I had to get a milkshake in the morning,because our lame neighborhood coffee shop carries milkshakes now.
I ordered it with no whipped cream and no extra syrup on top *good girl!* And it was delicious,because I didn't feel guilty.
This afternoon I walked for 2 hours....up the mountain you can see in the background of the smoothie picture
Halfway I thought I wouldn't make it,but then I put on my headphones and listened to this song ,which totally makes you walk fast.

And because I am so hungry right now I made my breakfast for tomorrow : Greek Yogurt with sweetener and vanilla extract,strawberries and oats.

Good night dolls,the muffin top is about to shrink!



  1. Great job! I love green tea too! I should start walking more!

  2. WOW keep up the good work ,and congrats on losing 3 kilos~~~~


  3. Yay! Good for you! I haven't heard of Cradle of Filth before. I'm going to have to download some of their music. I love loud music when I'm at work. It keeps me motivated!

  4. Thank you dolls! Green tea and cradle of filth combined is epic :D

  5. Great job, keep it up hun! I need to work out more...


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