It's alive

Hi dolls!

A week ago I put some parsley and dill seeds in my new flower pots.And they already sprouted!
Sadly with the whole house tragedy all my parsley/dill was forgotten and died.
I also planted chives (Finding chives seeds in the country-side of Greece is not possible) so I bought the seeds  from Athens.The chives seeds will take more time to germinate and grow,so you gotta be a bit patient.

Did you plant anything this year?



  1. Anonymous20:55

    Oh! You plant herbs! You make me all warm on the inside! In a non creepy way, mind you.
    I used to do it too, but now I'm pretty much a nomad, no permanent residence to grow things at. *sighs*

  2. I'm starting a tea garden. So far I have spearmint, chocolate mint, cinnamon basil, and pineapple sage. I also have some Calendula seeds to plant, but those are edible flowers rather than tea herbs.

  3. Awww thank you,Well if you can't grow your herbs,this parsley/dill shall be called "The House of Y" <3


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