Getting back in shape

Hi dolls

I am still doing my muffin top challenge,although a few things changed now.
Today I went to check on my weight and my 5 kilo goal is actually accomplished,but the circumstances weren't right.I had some major problems with my tummy and skipped a lot of meals because of that.Now I have been advised to reduce stress and skip dairy.
Skipping dairy is okay,but reducing stress right now is not possible.
I went to the pharmacy and asked for herbal teas that can support the digestive tract.....Dandelion,Fennel seed and ginger.
And Dandelion mixed with fennel doesn't taste that bad,but by itself it's just hideous!And it really does a good job.
I 'm drinking a lot of this tea,because it's a wonderful thirst quencher when prepared as unsweetened ice tea with some lemon.
But I still drink green tea,because it's amazing :) and helpful.

The exercise has been average this week.The days I was feeling good,I went for walks and ran all errands and shopping by foot.

I will continue the project a little longer,because it doesn't feel like a diet.



  1. Keep up the good work. I have been drinking more water recently and started to do some basic exercise. I think it's best to take it step by step:)

  2. Good job! I could never stick to a diet... haha.

  3. green tea has caffeine in it, and caffeine might be contributing to an upset stomach! just a thought!
    get well soon

  4. Sometimes, I wish I could exercise. And then I remember, no I don't, because I'm lazy.


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