10 things of today

1.Lesson of the day: Don't apply lipgloss while laughing hysterically.....

2.Question of the day: Who thought of the cosmetic brand name Happy & Cheap.I was going to get their crackling top coat,but when I saw the brand name....No lol and it wasn't that cheap either.

3.Inspiration of the day :   Spiderpig!

4.Dislike of the day :  Salad dressing from the store.Eww I payed 2 Euro for a bottle full of vinegary tasting white goop that pretty much just tastes like vinegar,salt and garlic..............yay X_X

5.Highlight of the day : Overhearing my neighbor yelling : " Celina,I have told you a thousand times not to pee on the terrace! " She was talking to her daughter!This was the reason I had lipgloss all over my teeth btw

6.Craving of the day : a fresh,fruity smoothie

7.OMG of the day : Seeing the new essence products !

8.Realization of the day : Ι have 3 Loquat trees (japanese plum) in my garden and never knew about them.

9.Goal of the day : Sleep early ,because tomorrow will be a very exhausting day.

10.Wish of the day : I wish the stupid song "Friday" would have never hit my eardrums.


  1. 1.Lesson of the day: Don't apply lipgloss while laughing hysterically.....

    YES!!! Nose gets lipgloss too hahaha xD

  2. your number 5 is funny, and made my day~~~and i luv spiderpig and the simpsons i general~~~

  3. Ugggh. My brother likes that song!! UGHH! I've got it in my head now, but not for long~!! GROOVESHARK/LAST.FM PLAYLIST, MY LOVELIES, HERE I COMEEE~!!!


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