Tip of the day : Enrich any cream, lotion ,shampoo

Most of personal care products like creams,lotions,balms,shampoos,liquid soaps etc have an ingredient in them that makes it possible to mix immiscible products like water and oil.You can't just mix water with oil,no matter how hard you shake or stir, the mixture will eventually split into water and oil.Those type of ingredients are called emulsifiers or emulgents.They prevent the mixture of oil and water not to split.

Phew,enough science!
So our personal care products have this amazing emulsifiers in them,why not take advantage of them????
You can enrich a lot of products with oils:
-Olive oil
-sweet almond oil
-argan oil
-rose hip seed oil
-essential oils

Just vigorously shake and voila! You just made your product 5x better.
Be careful with the amount of oil.A whole shampoo bottle maybe needs 1/2 teaspoon of argan oil.
For a cuticle balm or body lotion you can be a bit more generous.

From CookingChinchillas


  1. Argan oil in the shampoo, genious!!!

  2. I never knew you can do that!!!! thx for the tips that's very helpful~~~

  3. @Nat:Thx doll :)
    @Jessy: Me neither until I learned what an emulsifier does:)


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