Ring Haul and being back HOME

Gooood Morning Dolls!
Big announcement: *drumroll* WE ARE BACK IN OUR HOME !!!!!!
Yesterday the half roof isolation got finished and since the weather will be great until Thursday,when the whole roof will be isolated (rain proofed),we decided to move back in.
It's funny how fast you can pack all your clothes and belongings,when you know you are going home.

The first night in my own bed was beyond amazing and this morning I woke up at 6:30 to see the sun rising.
I wanna thank you all for your support and for the nice words during the difficult time.It really kept me going dolls <3
Now that we are home,we are slowly gonna start to make the inside of the house look pretty again.

So now the haul......
For years I have been looking for a knight armor ring and a week ago I found one on ebay.
It arrived yesterday from Thailand in the cutest parcel ever.

Can't stop looking at this baby!It's so brutal and good looking <3

So here it is with the sun rising in the background!

Lol my nails look uuhhhm a little bad,but hey after carrying boxes and scrubbing floors and windows it's normal I guess :D

*Can't wait to cook again*

<3 <3


  1. wow! love this ring! reminds me of Nana's ring

  2. The ring is so awesome!
    About the green eyeshadow you ask, I can't tell what's the brand because it's actually random made in China palette. No particular brand. I've been looking for it online, I couldn't find it.

  3. Yay for being back at home! That is so awesome! And LOVE the ring! Very unique! I have never seen anything like it!

  4. an nana musste ich auch eben denken :)
    extrem cool!:)

  5. YAY you're back at home :D So glad and happy for you! xxx

  6. @DeyiMizu: Had to google for Nana.Indeed her ring looks a bit alike.
    @Pepper: I guess I can find a dupe somewhere on the www. :D
    @ Thanks peachy!
    @Spring: Dankeschoen !
    @ Whimsical: Thanks hun

  7. amazing ring :o love it!!! sorry for not getting back to you on your proposal.. I've had some problems at home.

  8. Yay for returning home!! I'm so happy for you! (sorry I was MIA, internet connection problems)


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