My favorite teas

Hi dolls

It's tea time :D

Well you sure know how much I love this hot beverage.Although there are great high quality loose teas out there in those fancy tea shops,I prefer the supermarket and pharmacy teas more,because you can get a variety of teas without spending a fortune.
So here are my current favorites:
1.Lord Nelson Green Tea with Vanilla :  This is my all time favorite and I've been drinking it for 2 years now.A very harmonic mixture of green tea with a not overpowering sweet vanilla note.It tastes heavenly with a bit of milk and /or caramel syrup.
2.ΑΒ Vassilopoulos bio Green Tea with Ginseng: Apart from Green tea you can taste a strong lemongrass flavor with a kind of minty aftertaste.This is a great tea for the morning,because it wakes up the senses.
3.Lord Nelson Redbush,Strawberries & Cream : OMG I recently came across that and I am addicted.A very sweet tea that doesn't need much sugar,with very bold redbush (rooibos ) flavors and the sweet ,fruity creaminess of strawberries and cream.Delicious!The moment I drop the teabag into the hot water the whole room smells amazing.And together with that strawberry cake with custard it's just heavenly.

What are your favorite teas you can recommend?


  1. Great teas! The green tea with vanilla sounds awesome! I still haven't checked out your post on the strawberry cake....I'm going to have to do so right now!

  2. Yeah the green tea with vanilla is amazing.I look forward to every cup I brew. <3 Thx for stopping by hun

  3. Where do you buy the Lord Nelson tea from? Green tea with vanilla sounds perfect! I like tea with caramel, vanilla, spices (but not too spicy!) and I don't like tea with fruit flavours that much. And I prefer to not add sugar/honey/milk.


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