10 things

1.Currently waiting for cake base and custard to cool.....the result will be a strawberry cake with vanilla custard and the base is made with metaxa,lime and vanilla.I got a huge shock in the shop today: Vanilla pods cost 6 Euro a piece now......pffff.

2.When people call a wrong number it is no big deal,but when the caller is a courier company and calls you 5 times by mistake and you freak out the 5th time,telling them it is the wrong f-ing number,it is a big deal.

3.This might take some time to explain,so be patient.We have a popular Greek Fast Food Place 3 minutes from our house,but this particular restaurant prepares it's food in a crappy,lazy and sloppy way.Last summer they served me french fries that were frozen inside for the 3rd time and I asked for the manager.He was trying to tell me that the fries were perfectly fine,so I told him that he should try mine.Because the place was packed and he was getting weird looks,he took a few and ate them.I don't need to tell you how he looked while chewing on the frozen mess.Well he gave me back my money and I never went to that place again.Yesterday he was in front of me while waiting in the supermarket line.He wanted to be cool and pay with credit card,but [FAIL].He didn't remember his secret pin.Then he wanted to pay cash [FAIL]. I don't need to mention that I was almost rolling on the floor laughing........The poor looser ended up putting his items back ,leaving the supermarket with this shameful look.

4.Treating a chinchilla with fungus is not fun.It's not the fungus which is worrying us,it is the mess the ointment created in the precious fur..Everytime I want to apply ointment to our chinchilla,I have to blackmail the poor fellow with treats.Thank god that today is the last day of ointment torture.

5.These darn orthopedic slippers I am wearing are driving me crazy.They have a little heel which makes me trip and stumble.

6.I shall not watch any cooking shows for the next days.Those shows inspire me,but too many recipes have accumulated in my head.

7.Our new roof withstood a great amount of rain today.I was paranoid and checking everywhere for leaks,but thank god our roof does a good job.

8.Have you ever experienced that in one day a number or a word is literally haunting you?For me it's the number 230 which follows me today wherever I go.

9.No more cheek pinching! I am so sick of being pinched in the cheek by older people.I prefer to risk to sound like Paris Hilton :"Nooo,you are ruining my make up"...It would be worth it.Because yelling:"Eeeew your germs are now all over my face" would be unfriendly.

10.Try this if you are a Goth: When a fashionista type girl is proudly telling you about her 1200 dollar purse that she just bought,ignore her.You shall see the most amazing fire work of colorful language,dumb excuses and " I deserve this baaaaag"-screams.Then tell her:"But I didn't say anything" Firework x100!


  1. The strawberry cake with custard and vanilla sounds de-li-cious. Would you mind to post the recipe?

  2. The cake sounds amazing! Glad the roof is holding up! Hope the fungus clears up on your chinchilla soon! I can imagine how difficult it is to get ointment on it!

  3. Recipe is up :D
    Thanks for stopping by ladies


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