Essence Fairytale Glitter Eyeliners (Review +Swatches)

Swatches: Liners on bare skin and with a black eyeliner as a base

Hi dolls

From all the limited editions and trend editions essence created,this one must be my favorite.

Why?Because everything is glittery and sparkly!
I received two eyeliners as a part of the raffle I had won: 02 tinka's dress,01 welcome to wonderland
The eyeliners come in a small clear tube with a white cap which is decorated with swirls and little fairies.They contain 0.13 fl.oz./4 ml and you can use them for 6 months.

The Product:
The eyeliner's consistency is quite gel-like with little glitters and shimmers.There is a hint of a scent,but it is almost not noticeable.Especially the brush deserves a big bravo.A thin flexible brush for a perfect application.
Also there is a slightly iridescent /holographic effect to them.
What it promises: "Shimmering eyeliner for fascinating effects"(Source: Product)

My 2 cents:
Well,as you all know I am into eyeliner art.Other people may enjoy to paint on paper,I like to paint on my face.Those eyeliners have given me a whole new chance of shading,highlighting and accentuating my beloved eyeliner art.
Apart from the art,you can use them for sooo many things:
-highlighting the inner corners
-giving a plane black eyeshadow an interesting antique effect
-lining your eyes
-giving your lashes a sparkle
-using the glitter eyeliner as a sticky base for loose glitter

Both shades are amazing.I used them now every day and I think I won't stop till they are empty.The only thing I don't like is that there is a very narrow passage at the top of the tube preventing a lot of product from coming out on the brush.
You might say:"But that's a good thing"
Well for me,it is not a good thing,especially if I want to layer the eyeliners to get a full coverage,I need to dip the brush for 3-4 times to get the amount that I want.

-nice brush
-great consistency
-quick drying
-long lasting

The tube has a mechanism that doses the amount of product

Conclusion: I will religiously use those babies until they are gone.If the TE arrives in Greece soon,I will get a back up! Chinchilla seal of approval.


Disclaimer: I received the products as a part of a price.My review is honest and not influenced by anything,especially not money.


  1. Thanks for the review! They are such pretty colors! And btw, I love your eyeliner art! :)

  2. Wow! These look great! Isn't it exciting to find fun products like these liners!?

  3. Yup,it is like x-mas and b-day combined :D


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