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Hi dolls

I was tagged by the beautiful Dyna of Dyna's Random Blog.
The tag rules are: Mention 15 facts and tag 5 other bloggers.
So here are 15 random facts about me.

1.I am scared of lash curlers
2.Unfortunately I sometimes use very colorful language
3.Random people who whistle freak me out
4.There is a huge huge scar on my elbow with 21 stitches,and I chose not to remove it with a corrective surgery when I had the chance,because I like it.
5.I wear a lot of corsets,because I loooove the 'hourglass' shape.
6.Addicted to multitasking.When I am doing less than three things at the same time,I get bored.
7.Nerd Alert! Nothing is more interesting than finding out the origin of a word.Greek language can explain a lot of things.
8.When I want to yell at somebody my voice breaks after 3 words,so I quit yelling.
9.There is nothing more scary than snakes.
10.I could survive with noodles and broth only
11.Sneezing makes me dizzy
12.When I touch wet wool,I get chills and shivers
13.I managed to get through christmas without listening "Last Christmas" Yaaaaaay!
14.When I start to eat M&M's/Smarties I am not able to stop until the bag is empty or my stomach hurts.
15.Although I am a goth,I don't like to hang out on graveyards.Those poor souls are having their eternal rest and I wouldn't want anybody to hang out on my grave and take cam-whore pictures.

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  1. How fun! Corsets huh? I'm not even sure where to find a corset, if I ever thought of wearing one! I'm a multitaker too! :) And I hear you about the M&M's!

    Thanks for the tag! I'll try to get to it this evening!

  2. Cool tag, a lot of fun to read :)
    Thanks for the tag sweetie, will make a blogpost now! :D

  3. @Peach: Corsets can be found on ebay,gothic/victorian shops and flea markets.
    @Morrigan Yaay! Can't wait to read 15 random facts about you!


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