Great deal! (mini haul) Apivita Cleansing

Hi dolls,

While buying some things from the kiosk I came across the magazine section with all sorts of fashion,shopping,womanly,teenager and fitness magazines.The thing that caught my eye were the two relatively big Apivita Bottles.So I grabbed the magazine and took it home.
It was the Greek Instyle btw.
A cleanser and a toner,very interesting!!And there was a Carolina Herrera perfume sample.And all that for 5 Euro!Great Bargain.

I tried the cleanser,which is suitable for using it on the eye area,after removing my make up.It cleaned my lashes (mascara residue stuck on the base of the lashes) sooo well without making the eyes irritated.
The toner also feels great,but it might be a bit too strong.
We'll see! I will do a review

So the poor magazine is now being torn apart to serve as a fruit&vegetable peeling base and a window buffing paper cloth :D
I don't read magazines......especially the ones that talk about spending much money on useless expensive brands and the ones that talk about relationships :D



  1. I always like finding new products at great prices! Too funny about the magazine!

  2. :D Poor magazine...half of it in the trash with tons of peels :D


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