Essence Fairytale prize and some bla bla :D

Ho Ho Hoooooooo!
Merry Christmas everybody! Hope you are all having a safe,fun,peaceful,gourmet,exciting Christmas.

A few weeks ago I won in a essence raffle.There was a beauty quiz and the administration had made a tiny mistake and so they said : The first comment will win some items from the Fairytale TE and when I saw that there was no comment yet,I had to write one :D

So while being in a cooking marathon (preparing a Greek X-Mas meal),I got a package and to be honest I thought it was something else I was expecting.
When I realized it came from Essence (Cosnova) I literally ripped open the envelope and was amazed.
The prize  is sooooo amazing.I love essence!!!! <3 <3 <3

-essence fairytale nail polishes in 03 once upon a time,01 fairy berry
-essence fairytale eyeshadows in 01 Tinka's dress,03 humpty dumpty
-essence fairytale lip glosses in 01 fairy berry,03 pixie dust
-essence fairytale glitter eyeliners in 01 welcome to wonderland,02 Tinka's dress
-essence fairytale eye pencil in 01 enchanted forest
-essence fairytale false lashes

I have played with all the products except for the lashes and they are sooo beautiful and awesome.

Thank you essence and Cosnova <3
You made my day!!!

My cooking marathon is over for today,but I will start again first thing in the morning.Just gotta stuff and cook the rooster,bake potatoes and make canapes.
Thankfully I didn't cut myself,get burned or made any stupid mistakes,but I better don't be too proud,because the rooster has one tricky part that worries me a tiny itsy bitsy bit.
Most importantly I was 'feeling' the moment,remembering what cooking really means to me.Putting Love,effort and passion into a dish.........trying to make it as perfect as possible.. <3 <3 <3 <3



Edit :
Forgot the most important thing:

Listen carefully to the lyrics :D


  1. Anonymous00:25

    woow congrats =D!

  2. Congrats! they all look so pretty!

  3. Nat,I had called Beautycom and they said approximately 2-4 weeks.....


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