Yellow pink and burgundy Gothic eye make up

Hi Loves,

How are you all doing today?

That essence palette stole my little black heart completely.Today was one of those days where I couldn't decide what color story to pick,so I picked them all :D

Bright yellow and burgundy on the lid and in the crease and some bright pink blended into the burgundy color.The lower lash line has some purple and a lighter pink.
The usual mascara and eyeliner ritual,and I was good to go.

I am really amazed by the BB cream I am using the last weeks.It covers so well,that I don't use concealer anymore.And I am going to reveal my holy grail for fine lines around the eyes: Estee Lauder Advanced Night repair eye.
The lady at the beauty counter gave me a lot of little sample bags and I filled them all into a little jar.
Since I started using it ,my fine lines under my eyes are not that deep anymore and the skin feels a lot tighter.Especially in the early morning I can see a big difference.I don't look that puffy anymore.
The bad part is: I will never buy a full sized one.It's almost 50 Euro.Too much! But the samples will last a long time (2-3 months),so I am more than happy.



  1. Gorgeous! I really like the combination of the yellow and burgundy on the lid :)

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by,Morrigan.Have a great day hun!!

  3. Love the yellow and burgundy look! The eyeliner art is awesome!

    Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye! Good too know that this has been working good for you! I'm always interested in hearing about products that people really like!

  4. Hi Peach :)Thxx
    The estee lauder is really good,if you ever get your hands on a sample,try it out.

  5. Love the burgundy and the purple under the lid, as well as your work with the liner!
    Amazing work!

  6. Thank you Morticia <3
    Have a great day


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