Holding on to a thread

Hi guys
It's usually not my style to ask other people for positive energy.
But one of our Kittens (Betty) came down with a horrible respiratory infection and she is not doing well at all.She was dehydrated this morning,so I syringe-fed her with water.Her eyes,nose and mouth are full with mucus,which I am trying to clean up as good as I can.
The vet-office closes at 13:30 and opens again at 18:00.So I am praying that my partner comes home quickly,so we can drive to the vet.
Poor Betty is not moving,just laying down.I covered her with a little blanket and keep talking to her.

We are not sure if it is just a cat-cold or a serious disease.

Please send little Betty some energy <3

Betty is on the right <3
Thank you


  1. Anonymous13:06

    *ganz viel kraft rüberschickt* die kleine wird das schaffen, bald geht es ihr wieder besser!!!!

  2. Danke...Ich mach mir hier grad ordentlich ins Hemd.Hoffentlich ist es nur ne Erkaeltung :(

  3. Hope she gets better ): xxx

  4. I'm sending lots and lots of love healing energy, and hugs! I don't know what I'd do if it was one of my kittycats.

  5. Aw, poor Betty! I really hope it's nothing serious and that she gets better very soon! Be strong, Betty!

  6. I'm sending lots of positive energy to Betty! I'm an animal lover, so I feel for you. Its hard to have a sick animal. Get better soon Betty!

  7. Thank you for the energy.It seems to be working.
    She is weak,but I saw a spark in her eyes.


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