Fancy Yellow Orange Pink Purple Eye Make up

Hi dolls,

Today I took the decision not to cry anymore and finally wear some make up again.
It had to be something really bright,so that maybe my lousy mood changes.

I used the essence concealer from the trio as an eyeshadow base,which really worked well.The colors are very vibrant.
On the inner corners I am wearing a very shimmery pastel yellow,then a bright yellow,then an orange and some pink.I brought the pink up to the crease and blended it with some purple.
The eyeliner art really made me mad.I tried out the new essence splash proof eyeliner pen.It works great,but once some eyeshadow gets on the tip,you need to do a lot of wiping on your hands.(=wasting product).
But it is perfect for swirls and round shapes,which are difficult to do with a eyeliner brush tip.
On the lower lash line I am wearing some smudged burgundy and black eyeshadow.

The little tear is for Betty!

Chinchillachannel 258


  1. Great look! Love the eyeliner art! And how special that you added a tear for Betty!

  2. This is awesome! I LOVE the ''gothic'' eye makeup you do. Very original, and your eyes are gorgeous. Thanx for suscribing back!

  3. @ Kaos Kittie: Your blog is the perfect opportunity to practice my Spanish :)
    Thank you for stopping by

    @ Peach: Thanx dear!!! Have a great day

  4. Thank you Mack <3
    Have a Fancy Fancy Day!

  5. wow this is really gorgeous. I'm more of a neutral eye girl but I might actually try this out :)

  6. Thank you Dyna! You can always tone it down a little by blending it with an eyeshadow close to your skin tone.


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