Essence pocket beauty Glamour to go palette review + swatches

Hello Lovies

Time for a review again.This time I will try to stay more focused on the facts and not add too much blah blah.

Packaging : The palette comes in a clear solid plastic package with cute prints.On the back it has a sticker in a nice shiny orange.It contains 7 gram of product and there are 8 shadows in total.
Included with the palette is a double sided applicator with a sponge and a eye shadow brush.

" 8 long lasting ,trendy eyeshadow colors including applicator" (Source: Packaging)
The palettes name and number are : 01 eye love to travel

The colors : I love the fact that some of the colors are very unusual and that there are different finishes: Matt,satin and shimmer finishes.
There is a black with a hint of shimmer,very intense and simply adorable.Under the black there is a beautiful white that reminds me of mac vanilla a lot (DUPE ALERT)
Then we have a beautiful petrol blue with a greenish shimmer ,below that an interesting lighter teal color shows off all the teal-ish glory.
Now that it is autumn,there is a perfect matte dark bordeaux color with a nice vivid magenta.
The last two colors are a brown with golden shimmer and a nude matte color.The brown is not pretty!

Pro's : 
-nice pigmentation
-unusual colors
-handy packaging
-smooth texture
-long lasting
-adhere well to eyeshadow base/primer
-the black is actually black and not dark gray
-colors perfectly match each other
-prize (2,99 for 8 eyeshadows)

Con's :
-Some colors are a little bit difficult to apply,you need a good brush.
-The applicator eyeshadow brush is not suitable for an even application,but okay for touch-ups.
-the brown and bordeaux are a little chalky,so make sure you tap off excess eyeshadow from your brush.

The nude color is amazing to set the under eye concealer! I had forgotten to do that this morning and I had no powder in my purse,so the eyeshadow saved my concealer from creasing or traveling on my face.
Conclusion :
I am really satisfied with this palette.I think it is also great for those of you who are just starting with make up.
The only color that I don't like is the brown,but that is because brown doesn't look good on me at all,especially this shade.
I tried to mix the colors with mixing medium and especially the petrol blue and the magenta color look stunning.

I can definitely recommend this palette to everybody.I am in love with this beauty!

Let me know what you think girls <3


  1. Great colors! I really like the matte dark bordeaux color!


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