Burgundy Fuchsia and Black eye make up

Hi Huns <3

I wanted to take advantage of the fact that I am the owner of new ,unusual colors from the essence pocket beauty glamour to go palette.
The inner corners have some white,then fuchsia,then the bordeaux color and some black.
Unfortunately the glitter eyeliner on the outside of the eye is kind of a failure,I guess I should stick to applying it where it belongs: Upper lash line :D

So here is the look :

I just loooove the colors!



  1. Hey dear, I don't think the glitter is a total failure, good for you experimenting with the different uses of cosmetics.
    i love this burgundy color!

  2. I love teh way the red/pink colros look with your eyes; it's perfect for cold weather makeup (if you're in the northern hemisphere).

  3. This is an awesome look! Love your use of the palette! And the glitter liner is awesome!

  4. Thank you both ladies <3
    Morticia : Well it is true,an experiment is never a failure,but it looks a bit funny (drag queen-ish)

    The candiemango: Yep,Northern Hemisphere :) It is sunny outside,but I am shivering :D

    Thank you for taking the time to comment

  5. Thank you The Peach.I am totally in love with the palette.The colors are so so unusual <3

    Have a great day hun


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