Apivita Lip care review

Hi dolls,

Apivita is a great company that produces cosmetics and care products with a lot of natural ingredients.
They have the most amazing face masks!
I ran out of lip balm and my lips were really dry.So while passing by a friend's pharmacy she gave me this Apivita Lip care in Pink rose,organic beeswax and olive oil.96% Natural,Paraben,Silicone,Mineral Oil Free.At first I wasn't very excited about this,but now after my lips were really chapped,my love for this lip care grew!

The lip care comes in a baby pink and black tube.The ingredients are all clearly listed,which I really like.Once you remove the cap,you can read the following :"Rich natural formula with organic beeswax,organic olive oil,organic shea butter and vitamins"You can use it for 12 months.

The Product: Once you twist up the actual chap stick you will see a very pretty pink chap stick with a pleasant rose scent.It glides on very very smoothly and absorbs quite quickly.It leaves a protective film on the lips.The rose scent is very nice,but once again it can be a bit annoying,especially in the morning.

How it works:
It is really moisturizing and smoothing.When your lips are dry or chapped,this will save your life withing a very short time.
When your lips just need a little lip balm or a daily dose of moisture,this product can be too rich.
One of the best talents of this lip balm is,that it will never get sticky.

-Perfect for chapped lips
-gets absorbed quickly
-not sticky

-too rich for everyday use
-scent can be slightly disturbing

I would not buy this product again,although it helped my chapped lips very quickly.

Huggies <3
(I was not payed for this review and the product was a gift from a friend who sells those in her pharmacy)


  1. You should try the cocoa butter one from apivita.smells like cocoa butter it is so so so good :)
    I've never tried the pink rose one.
    What I don't like about them, is that they have animal fatty acids in (I've done a review on the lipbalms and searched all the ingredients.I don't know if they're artificial or not though).Other than that they're really good.

  2. Thanks for the tip.
    Well since apivita is not 100% natural,there might be synthetic things in it.


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