10 things

1.Made German Knoedel today,mine are smaller than usual.But who cares,they cook quicker
2.Now I am preparing a little Gourmet platter for myself.Gourmet for me : Crispy rolls,some philadelphia cheese,some marinated anchovies and some cold cuts of meat.Also adding a little tomato salsa to dip the bread.(Foto will follow)
3.I must not fall asleep on the sofa today.
4.Probably found a holy grail for fine lines.But still testing........
5.Bloodhound gang still makes me LOL
6.Whole batch of new setting spray-Done :D
7.Is not that happy with the new South park season.Have seen funnier episode
8.I was looking for my mirror today.....Guess where I found it? In the fridge.I have no idea how it got there,but okay!
9.I think we should skip number 10,because my stomach is grooowling (rawr) Have to put the rolls in the oven nao!
10.-Error 404 not found


  1. Good luck not falling asleep on the sofa! I tend to do that too! Can't wait to see what the possible new HG for fine lines is! And setting spray...do share what you used to make it!

  2. http://cookingchinchillas.blogspot.com/2010/07/selfmade-setting-spray-mist.html
    That's the setting mist.

    The holy grail is still being tested,but I thought I saw a difference this morning.



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