When it is raining cats and dogs..........


Remember the kittens that popped up in front of the house some days ago????
Well the weather got really really bad,so I decided to build a little nest for the kittens and their mommy.
So they can be dry and warm <3
A bathroom carpet,a bright orange sweater with faux lamb wool lining inside and a old cat bed/cat nest.

I didn't think they would use it,but this morning to my surprise there were the small kittens playing wrestling in their little bed.Later the mommy cat came and brought the other two.
But the two little fellows were tooo cute this morning.

Here are the cutest morningfaces in the whole world.
The black and white one is hilarious,he plays with everything that moves :D

They are still very shy though.



  1. Anonymous00:26

    du bist so süß, schön dass du sowas machst :-*

  2. Danke :)
    Die Katzen sind ja auch nuetzlich.Halten Feldmaeuse und andere kleine Plagen fern.


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