Soft purple eye make up and some bla bla

Hi Guys

I was planning to post a Apple pie recipe today,but not feeling like baking :(
Yesterday I cut my own hair because my layered feathered hair on the bottom finally grew out.
Today's make up is simple and not that Goth,but still pretty.I used some shimmery white and a light silver across the whole eye and the lid and blended some purple in the outer corners,a winged eyeliner and my new falsies <3 (Thanks lily blue for the tip )
I somehow got some glue on the tips of the lashes,that's why they look split xD (major clumsiness )

So here is the look

*sigh* I don't feel like doing anything today,but I guess I needed a bit of down time.
I also managed to remove all silicone residue from my hair.Made a bad shampoo choice and my head looked just messed up and the hair felt kind of sticky ewwwww.
It took me 2 hours and a lot of clarifying shampoo,olive oil and vinegar.
I knew the shampoo was full of silicons and I knew it was tested on animals,but still  I had to try it,because it promised straight hair for 48 hours.

Yeah! Stupid huh.
All I can say is,that my hair was straight,but it was heavy and unmanageable with 0% bounciness.

Please slap me for this!

Huggies and <3

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