Peach and Mango black tea latte

Hi guys

Sorry for only posting 1 proper recipe this week.I had cooked stuff I posted before,so it wouldn't make any sense to re upload a recipe.

This is a quick hot beverage that I love on gloomy days.

You need :
1 teabag black tea with peach flavor
1 teabag black tea with mango flavor
250 ml water
brown sugar
1 drop vanilla extract
foamed milk or whipped cream

Bring water,sugar and vanilla to a boil and add the teabags.Remove from the heat and let the tea steep for 8 minutes.
Add a little whipped cream into the tea and stir and the rest goes on top.



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  1. waaah i'm a tea and coffee addict so i want to try this !!

    btw where are you living ? cause the view seems wonderfum behind the glass !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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