Olive Oil multi purpose skin care

Hi Dollies <3

A few weeks ago I made an experiment because I simply love olive oil,rose water and orange blossom water,because they really improved my skin.But how to combine those products and make one????
So I was removing my make up one night and when I grabbed my 2 phase eye make up remover the little light bulb above my head started to shine.I have tested the 'formula' and I am ready to toss out a lot of products,because this is cheaper and all natural.
The best part is,that it has sooo many purposes.

You need :
2 parts rose water 
1 part orange blossom water
1 part extra virgin olive oil
a very clean bottle!
Of course it would be fabulous if the ingredients were organic.
Mix and shake well before every use.

You can use it for : toning,moisturizing,anti aging,scar reducing,pore refining,black head cleansing,make up removal,body lotion,hair mask for dry ends,cuticle moisturizing,after shave for women,massages,mixing medium,spot treatment for flaky skin before applying foundation and many many more.

I currently use it as a toner/moisturizer,especially around my nose and eyes,because it is gentle and super hydrating.
Simply take a cotton ball and gently wipe it on your face.

Do you have any recipes for natural cosmetics or remedies?Let me know please


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