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Hello Beauties

A lot of people have asked questions about my nails and nails in general.So I am going to answer the most frequently asked questions.

1.Are your nails real? Yes they are.Cooking and fake nails don't pair together that well.And false nails can ruin the real nails underneath,so I rarely wear them.I also had a little accident with false nails some years ago: A nail artist gave me beautiful gel nails and one beautiful day I took my dog for a walk.A piece of thread got somehow caught under the gel nail and of course I didnt notice a thing.Then another dog came and my dog started pulling on the leash.And the leash basically ripped off a huge piece of my natural nail.It was very painful and bloody.
Since that day I never touched gel nails again..

2.What do you do to make your nails grow and not break? I moisturize the cuticles 3 times a day with nail balm,vitamin E oil,olive oil,body lotion,almond oil and even lip balm.That is the key for a healthy growth.I just grab whatever product is close to me.Before I go to sleep I usually use olive oil and massage the cuticles which activates the growth.
To prevent breaking I check the edges of the nails for rough spots which later can rip or tear the nail.I file the rough spot of and seal it with an extra coat of nail hardener.
But the most important thing is good nutrition.A lot of veggies and water and an occasional glass of milk. And I also wear gloves when cooking,kneading and chopping.To protect the food from eventual nail polish chips and to protect my nails from the food I am handling.

3.What nail hardener or base coat do you use ? I use the essence ultra strong nail hardener,essence diamond shield,OPI original nail envy or a no name hydrating base coat.After 2 weeks of using one product,I switch to another,so the nails don't get used to a product.
I also use the nail hardeners as a base coat.If your nails have grown to a certain length,you also have to apply strengthener to the inside of the nail.Make sure to protect your skin with olive oil or nail balm.

4.How long does it take to grow really long nails?
Every person has a different growth cycle,but for me it takes 2 months to grow long nails.And with some occasional trimming and filing it takes 3.

5.What can I do if my nail tears or breaks? If the tear is just small,take a small piece of a tea bag,some nail glue and cover the tear.If the nail is torn beyond the middle,cut it off.
My right index finger is the most tear prone nail of all,because I am using it all the time.So when I know I am going to be gardening or kneading a dough,I will apply a piece of teabag with some nail strengthener instead of nail glue to prevent tearing.BUT! When doing things like kneading a dough,please wear latex gloves.

If you have further questions,feel free to ask!


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