Look awake.........although you are not


We all have been through this: Too much party,too much booze,too little sleep......the result: Red eyes with dark circles *ironic yay*

In my case today it was a nightmare.I dreamed of a weird creature that I purchased from the pet shop,which looked like a troll/gobling with a furry back and weird long teeth.That creature would always bite chunks of meat out of our legs and pinch us.
And because we were so afraid we flushed it down the toilet.Then I woke up....

Yeah nice dream.There was no way of getting back to sleep.

This morning I was looking like crap and I needed to fix this asap,because I had some important things to do.

So here is a little how-to on looking awake.

-Put something cold on your eyes to reduce the puffiness.
-Cleanse your face,use a toner or a cream that contains caffeine.
-With loads of concealer,conceal those dark circles.
-With a pearl white or a shimmery white eye pencil or eyeshadow highlight the tear duct area in the inner corners.
-If you wanna use eyeshadow,mix in a tiny bit of blue eyeshadow to make the white part of your eyes appear whiter and to give the illusion of no redness.
-If you want to line your eyes,don't use a carbon black or an extremely black eyeliner.
-curling your lashes is a must-do in this case.You want to visually open those puffy eyes.
-Line your waterline with a shimmery white or a matte white eye pencil and also smudge it a bit into the lower lashline.
The pear particles will reflect light and make your eyes appear vivid and bright.
-Apply mascara and highlight your brow bone more than you would usually do.

And nobody will notice that you are sleep deprived or hung over :)



  1. Heh that's what I need. I'm exhausted :/

  2. Thank god for make up :D


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