German Krautsalat with fennel potato mash


Krautsalat is basically a cabbage salad with sugar and vinegar.And whenever a bowl of Krautsalat was in our fridge,I would eat it at night when everybody was asleep.I would get yelled at soo badly for being such an egoistic being who eats all the Krautsalat,which was supposed to be for the next day.

Yeah childhood memories......But you should try Krautsalat at night.
Today I wanted too add some pear to the krautsalat,it was wonderful

For the Krautsalat

1 white cabbage head (shredded)
1 pear (shredded)
1 carrot (shredded)
1 shallot (grated)
150 ml olive oil
150 ml vinegar (I used half white vinegar,half apple cider)
150 gr sugar
2 tablespoons salt (I used herb seasoning salt)

You will need a plastic food container or a big bowl with a lid.And you will need to make the Krautsalat at least 3 hours ahead of serving time.

Put cabbage,pear,shallot and carrot in a large bowl or food container,sprinkle salt over it.
Mix the oil,sugar and vinegar together and pour it over the shredded veggies.Mix well with your hands.Close your bowl/food container with a lid and let it rest in the fridge.Toss/mix every 30 minutes.
Taste and season the salad if needed.

The mash made from fennel and potatoes is loaded with fried onions and the fennel greens.

2 bulbs of fennel (cut in julienne )
2 large potatoes (diced)
1 onion (cut into rings)
30 gr butter
50 ml milk
pepper salt
some fennel greens

First boil your potatoes and fennel in the same pot and don't forget to season the boiling water.
Meanwhile fry your onions in the butter until they got some real color.I like my onions almost burnt.
Set the frying pan aside and don't toss the frying butter away.

When your potatoes are cooked,drain them and mash them with the butter and onions from the pan and add half of the milk.
Also add the fennel greens and season.
Depending on your preference you can add additional milk and keep on mashing.

And that is it.

The fennel and the taste of fried onions which have caramelized are a really nice combination.

I served a country style sausage with the mash.The sausage was fried in the same pan as the onions,so it adds a little smokey flavor to the mash.

Taking the picture was an adventure (lol)
It was windy,starting to rain and really cold.Some of the fennel greens I used for decoration landed on me and my camera.
How I love bipolar weather.


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