Tuxedo nail design

Howdy dollies <3

So today's nail design is going to be quick and simple.It took me 20 minutes to do and it didn't turn out a 100% good.Not happy with the bow ties.
I first painted a V with white nail polish and later filled it in with white.Then I applied the black all over the rest of the nail.With a gray I did a little line in the middle of the V and I applied some button dots over that line.

The bow tie is a poorly constructed X :D

With a shimmery blue I added the two lines on the black.

I just finished doing it,so excuse the nail polish on my cuticles,also I didn't apply a top coat yet.



  1. sau cool :D
    ich würd das glaub ich nicht hinkriegen da hätte ich schnell die lust dran verloren oder wohl eher die geduldxD

  2. Danke :P
    Durch die Trockenzeit zwischendurch geht das mit der Geduld.Aber manchmal motze ich auch zwischendurch,wie ne Bergziege.

  3. THAT IS SOOOOO CUTE! I love the little bow-ties! xD


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