A nice casual perfume : Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Howdy dolls!

I have finally found a casual perfume that is suitable for everyday.
It is such a nice smell,that doesn't make a huge statement or annoys other people (If you wear a normal amount ofc)
This is the kind of eau de perfume that you wanna spray on your pillow and simply smell the juicy goodness.

I am bad at talking about smells.But there is a woman out there who describes perfumes in such a beautiful,funny and charming way.Her name is Katie Puckrik .

I have the little rollerball version from a magazine (I think it was Elle....threw away the magazine,kept the perfume :D )

And I wear it  a lot.I am going to get the big bottle.


What is your favorite perfume?? Leave a comment below <3

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