10 things I can't live without

Those are the 10 things I can't live without at the moment

1.Green Eye shadow palette from Lovie Cosmetics
why:The colors are stunning and the iridescent white (shimmers green or gold-ish) is soo nice for blending.

2.Self made setting spray
why: Fix + from Mac can be expensive and the self made spray does the same job.

3.essence eye shadow duo (12 Newcomer)
why : It has my favorite color in the world: BLACK and it is very pigmented.

4.essence water proof eyeliner
why: Even the clumsiest Goth (Me! Me!) won't manage to smudge it.

5.Korres Lip Butter Stick (Peach)
why: My lips really like that stuff and they have really improved

6.essence multi dimension (20 fatal)
why: it is black,long lasting and perfect for nail art

7.Gosh x-ceptional wear foundation (12 natural)
why: Perfect coverage,Goth-able and lasts looooong

8.There should be a mascara (essence multi action),but I can't find it today
why: It is really long lasting and it can be layered.

9.Essence eyeliner pen
why : When I am drawing weird decorations on my eye this pen helps me to make a 'sketch' before I actually use waterproof eyeliner.It can be cleaned off with a q-tip without leaving a smudgeroo

10.Essence eye shadow quad (04 sixties reloaded)
Why: The colors are perfect for dramatic looks.With mixing medium they turn into fabulous eyeliners.

(Disclaimer: I did not get monetary compensation for mentioning any product bla bla bla My own independent view bla bla bla not affiliated with any company mentioned) *LOL Sorry


  1. Sorry if you've already done a post on this, but how do you make the setting spray? I dont want to buy Fix + because It is really pricey :( Anyways... how do you make it? Thanks :) Please respond!

  2. Wait nevermind! I found it :) Thanks anyways!

  3. Sorry dear,that I didn't respond.I was sleeping already


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