Gray black and red eye make up

Hello Ladies and Gents

Today's make up is nothing special at all.It is just a simple 4 color smokey eye.Sorry for the weird angle of the photo by the way.

The outer V is a little exaggerated and 'smoked' out,because I had my hair sleeked back today.The lightest shade of gray in the inner corners,then the darker gray,the red and the black.I used the red again to outline the outer V,but I am not that happy with the result.

Some Eyeliner on the top lash line and smudged black eyeshadow on the bottom,1 coat of mascara and that's it.



  1. I think this one is my absolute favorite!!! I'm going to try it after school! :D

  2. Thanks for commenting.
    Have fun trying out the look


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