Gosh X-ceptional Wear foundation review

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I wanted to do a review on my favorite foundation that I am using the last 6 months.It was actually the only foundation in my beauty store,that was light enough for my pale complexion.Because I had no other choice I bought it and fell in love.

Packaging : The bottle is black with white letters and a sticker with the name of the color is on top of the bottle.I like the ergonomic look very much.The bottle contains 35 ml/1.2 fl.oz.

What it promises: "Long Lasting Make-up with Vitamin-E is a soft and creamy Make-up with exceptional covering.Gives the skin a matte and beautiful finish which lasts for many hours.The formula is perfume-free" (Source: Bottle)
It is also supposed to be light reflecting.

The application is very easy.Either spread it with a foundation brush and blend it with a sponge or blend it with a slightly damp foundation brush.
I stipple it on and then I swirl the damp brush in circular motions.
You can layer the foundation very well,but usually you won't need that,because this stuff covers everything really well.With other foundations I needed concealer around my mouth to cover visible blue blood vessels.This stuff covers them all.

If you set it with a good powder it will really last all day.Other foundations oxidize into this gray-ish brown tint on your skin,X-ceptional wear stays the same all day.
It is really matte and perfect for Goth looks.With some white powder on top you can achieve a wonderful pale look.

The bad thing I noticed,is that i need to apply some foundation primer under my eyes,otherwise it creases into the fine lines under my eyes.

I read some reviews online and people said that it is hard to blend.If you apply it with your hands,you will get very uneven results,a damp brush is the secret.

During summer I was worried,that it would be two shades too light for me.I mixed in some dark foundation and it worked very well.

I really like it.
You need only a little product to get a perfectly covered face.That comes in kind of handy,because the product is pricey here : 14,50 Euro.It lasts me 4-5 months.And you should use it within  1 year.

I would not exchange this foundation.

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(Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the company nor do I get monetary compensation to mention their products)

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