Coconut and chocolate creme filled cookies


Yesterday was the right time for a little confiserie session.With all the baking time it took me 2 hours to make those goodies.The filling was supposed to be white chocolate,but since I had only 100 gr white chocolate I mixed some semi sweet chocolate inside.

For the cookie base use the basic cookie dough recipe and replace the corn starch with 100 gr instant vanilla pudding powder.

For the filling :
200 gr white chocolate (normal chocolate will also be fine)
50 gr coconut shavings
50-75 ml cream
1 teaspoon butter

You will need 100 gr coconut shavings extra,for sealing the filling and for decoration

For the coating
200 gr dark chocolate
200 gr semi sweet chocolate.

Make your cookie dough and cut out little round cookies with a cookie cutter.Bake the cookies until they are light brown.
For the filling melt the white chocolate in a sauce pan and add the coconut shavings,butter and cream.
Once adding the butter the mixture will get stiff,add enough cream so it becomes smooth and paste-like.If the filling is too runny,add more coconut shavings.

I recommend using disposable latex free examination gloves!!!!

Get a small amount of the filling, and place it on a cookie.Flatten it a bit and smooth out the edges.
For my size of cookies I used a bit more than a half teaspoon of filling.
Once you applied the filling to all the cookies,dip the filling in coconut shavings,so that the chocolate will stick later.

Let the filling set for 10 minutes.
Melt the chocolate for the coating in a double boiler.Let it cool,so you don't burn yourself.
With a pair of gloves dip each cookie into the melted chocolate and place the cookie on a non stick paper.

Sprinkle with coconut shavings and chill for 1 hour.

It was really fun to make these and actually it was just a crazy experiment.But the cookies came out so perfect and yummy.Nobody actually believed that I made them myself.



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