10 things I love to eat/drink

1.German Knoedel with Gravy - Oh boy,when I make those things I can't stop eating them.
2.Chocolate- I eat,breathe and live on chocolate.
3.Fruilite mandarin orange-blood orange.Totally unhealthy,but sooo refreshing
4.Green tea-in all variations,even in skincare.
5.Mineral Water- Many liters of it,every day.But only the carbonated ones.
6.Cheesecake-I can never say no to a cheesecake.Especially cherry cheesecake or raspberry/white chocolate
7.Kobe Beef-We all have a serious addiction to this in our household,but it is a very rare treat.
8.Pasta-All shapes,sizes,flavors,colors,textures and sauces.Linguine and Gnocchi are the top 2 favorites.
9.Brezeln (Pretzels)-Bake them a lot! Love them with cream cheese and some home made seasoning salt
10.Pineapple-I adore the smell of fresh cut pineapple.

Choc shock

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