Jewelery recycling

Hai <3

I bet you have been through this.You got a piece of jewelery and it has turned black,because it was no real silver.
So did my earrings.I first painted them with a silver nail polish,but then I thought about my favorite thing in the whole world: Glitter
I don't know why I love Glitter that much,but sometimes I wish there was edible glitter.
So here is what I did :
I took my earrings and applied a coat of cheap clear nail polish.Then I dipped it into blue Glitter.After I applied a coat of clear spray varnish and I let them dry in a hanging position for 3 hours.And I am soooooooo happy about the result.What a pity that photography can't capture the real beauty of Glitter.

Before :

After :

Huggies and Love

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