Happy ghost faces Nail Art

Hi Dolls

Well....those nails were supposed to be little cute Anime Ghosts.They kind of turned out very happy for a ghost.
Epic failure I guess,but so what,it is still wearable and kind of cute if you forget the fact,that I am a Goth *LOL*

You need:
base coat/top coat
black polish
purple shimmer polish
white polish
orange polish
yellow polish
dotting tool

thin nail art brush

First of all you apply your base coat *dry*Then you apply black all over your nail *dry*.After that you apply some purple stripes with the thin nail art brush *dry*
Pick some white polish up with a dotting tool and draw a circle *dry well*.
Now take your nail art brush again and draw three yellow stripes above the head.With the orange polish and a dotting tool draw the cheeks.To finish it off add eyes and mouth with a thin nail art brush.*dry well*

Apply a top coat and *dry*



Thank you for commenting,I love to read your comments dolls!

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