Green Gothic Smokey eye


Well I always say that the smokey eye was invented by Goths and Punks waaaay back in the 80's.
Here is a simple yet dramatic green smokey eye.
You need :
Black eyeshadow
Green eyeshadow with shimmer
dark green eyeshadow with shimmer
orange eyeshadow
black eyeliner (liquid)

As you can see in the picture the lightest green is applied on the inner corners of the eye.Then the dark green and then the black.To blend the colors together I used a bit of dark green.
On the brow bone I wear orange which is blended into the black..
And as usual I gave myself a huge winged cat eye with some decoration on the lower lash line.
Apply mascara and you are done.

Unfortunately I applied the make up in the morning and took the picture in the afternoon,so the eyeshadow obviously has creased a bit,but who cares right?

Huggies and lub <3 you all


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